Why Health Insurance is Important

Not Everyone knows that what is health insurance and Why Health Insurance is important? So, Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers medical expenses in the case of an accident or other health-related disease. These expenses may be related to pre-and post-hospitalization costs, drug costs, or doctor consultation fees. When a person falls ill, he has to bear the cost of medicines as well as the deduction of money for professional leave. Therefore, it is important for everyone that they should not only be insured with life insurance but also be insured with health insurance. Because it saves money during disease and stays with you until you get well. This Exactly what is Health Insurance.

What Is Health Insurance and why Health Insurance is Important?

Why Health Insurance is important?

Today most people think and ask Why Health Insurance is Important for us or why should we go for health insurance. We are going to tell you why health insurance is important and why everyone should be insured.

With the ever-rising prices of health services in our country and increasing cases of diseases, we must buy Health Insurance to prevent financial loss in case of an accident or other medical condition. Health insurance provides people with much-needed financial backup in times of medical issues such as accidents or illness.

Health risks such as illness or accidental conditions and uncertainties are a part of life. Health insurance provides financial backup in times of medical emergencies, but it is an important fact that till now, medical care is still largely a costly affair in our country.

Nobody plans to fall ill or get hurt, but Anytime anyone can come in the grip of a serious illness. only we have one way to be financially prepared against health risks is to purchase health insurance. However, the health insurance premium that is paid to avail a good insurance policy depends from person to person and is based on many kinds of different factors.

According to various reports, India still has the lowest number of people in the world having health insurance. This may be due to a lack of awareness about health insurance. There are countless reasons to buy a health insurance policy in place, and if you are the head of your family then you should go for a family health insurance policy to take care of the medical needs of your family in time of any medical condition.

Types of Health Insurance

Types of Health Insurance
  1. Individual Health Insurance: In this health insurance plan an Individual purchases a Health Insurance policy for himself. the premium of this policy is dependent on the age of the insured. Premium may have different from different companies. We the team of “Secure Your Life” urge and advise you to contact us to buy a health insurance policy from us.
  2. Family Health Insurance Plan: Under this policy, an individual buys a health insurance policy for himself or herself family. Under this policy, companies cover all family members against Multiple diseases under a single premium. Under this policy, any family member can purchase health insurance who is an adult or able to purchase it according to companies’ guidelines.
  3. Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan: Senior Citizen Health insurance is made for senior citizens or individuals Who are above the age of 40 offering protection against medical problems.
  4. Surgery and Critical Illness Insurance Plan: Surgical insurance has been created for those who have been suffering from critical illness, such as kidney failure, cancer, heart attack, paralysis, etc. Under this policy, premiums are very expensive.
  5. Maternity Health Insurance Plan: In This policy company covers, including pre and post-hospitalization care, Delivery costs of newborn babies. This policy is covered for a fixed period of time for the newborn as described in the plan. Ambulance costs may be covered. But it is not necessary all companies will give you these benefits. benefits might be different from different companies.
  6. Personal Accident Plan: Under This policy, health insurance companies cover hospitalization expenses. The premium of policy will be depended on the amount of sum assured or age.

Some major reasons for obtaining health insurance are:

Some major reasons for obtaining health insurance are:
  1. Rising cost of medicines and treatment: The expenses of medicine and treatment are increasing day by day, as well as the prices of other essential things are also increasing. If we fall ill in such inflation, then half of our salary is lost in the cost of treatment. Savings can also end if a serious illness occurs. According to reports, Indians are dependent on their savings for their treatment when it comes to tackling health emergencies.
  2. Hectic Life style: There are so many reasons to have a health insurance policy in place. Due to our hectic lifestyle, we don’t eat properly, work pressure, outside food, family issues may lead to illness and rising pollution levels are spoiling our health. We can’t prevent or control everything, but if we fall ill due to this then further hospitalization expenses can be avoided by getting Health Insurance.
  3. Income tax benefits: by purchasing health insurance you can get Indian income tax benefits under section 80d. Health insurance premiums are eligible for income tax benefits.
  4. Pre and Post Hospitalization Benefits: It is noteworthy that health insurance policies not only cover hospitalization costs but also cover the costs incurred for OPD and clinical trials before and after the time period set by the policy.
  5. Other Benefits: You can get additional benefits by purchasing health insurance such as ambulance expenses, day-care treatment, coverage for a health check-up, and might be Vaccination coverage.

When should we go for Health Insurance?

People are in a dilemma about the right time or right age to get insured. However, there is no right time or age to buy health insurance. Premiums are calculated by age, medical history, etc. which’s why It would be nice that you buy it as soon as possible to buy because Premiums of health insurance policy increase by age. But you should go for health insurance whenever you realize.

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